Duraturn produces high quality tires by working with the best international organizations across the globe. All this dedication has only one purpose: offering more comfort and security to you.
We deliver tires that offer peace of mind in your day the day, the tranquility of knowing that you are driving with stability and value. We take this initiative so that you do not need to worry about tire maintenance or vehicle problems so you may take advantage of the best moments that life offers.

Duraturn tires are produced in one of the most advanced  manufacturers in the world and are made with high quality materials that meet excruciating high manufacturing standards.
The Duraturn tire factory began operations in 2008 and has an ultra-modern facility that utilizes only the best equipment for the manufacture of tires. They are part of a production line including: Dutch machinery, German component cutting machines, other Italian equipment, and Japanese rubber bathing processes. In addition to all this, Duraturn has an end-of-life quality control system line imported from the United States. All of this is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and safety.

Duraturn’s quality management system is built around ISO / TS 16949. It implements rigorous training and recycling systems to reduce loss while helping control costs and quality. Furthermore, all facilities employ consistent environmental policies to generate the lowest level of energy use.

The Duraturn Research and Development Department (R & D) is focused on designing product lines that meet the needs of consumers and markets throughout the world. The entire production infrastructure is via the development of tire lines that provide low rolling resistance and greater fuel economy while contributing less pollution to the environment.

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